What is the War and Peace Network?

The War and Peace Network is a project of the Resistance Center for Peace and Justice. We noticed that there are a significant amount of activist groups and coalitions that organize around issues of militarism, but little communication between them. We hope to use this interface to ease communication issues and create a space where information from multiple groups can be shared.

Why are these issues important?

The United States has a long history of imperialist policies that are inherently tied to the identity of the country. While we can’t change the harms of the past, we can organize for a better future. By raising awareness and organizing against these issues, we hope to foster a culture of peace.

How can I get involved?

Whether you’re an individual or represent a larger solidarity group, you can get involved in the War and Peace Network. Our rapid response team is for individuals to receive information regarding actions responding to urgent issues. Joining the network as an organization provides a common ground for distributing materials and information across groups.